Les Smith for Office Chesapeake City Council

Les Smith for Office Chesapeake City CouncilLes Smith for Office Chesapeake City Council

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Voice for the People

About the Candidate

Les is:

A person that puts the citizens first.

Passionate about Chesapeake being the best.

A person that will get the job done.

A person that will listen to the concerns of the people.

A person that will be inclusive in his decision making.

A person that will fight for justice for all.

A person that is focused on Chesapeake's future.

A person that will lead by example.

A person that will make Chesapeake competitive.

A person that will give the citizens his all.

Is the breath of fresh air that Chesapeake needs.

The candidate that will represent the forward progress of all of Chesapeake!

Leading with a Vision!


About the Candidate

Voice for the People

About the Candidate

Les Smith wants to be your voice on Chesapeake City Council!

He is a retired deputy sheriff of Chesapeake with 28 years of service.

He is currently self employed in the financial industry.

Native of Chesapeake

Former Chairman of Chesapeake Democratic Committee.

Graduate of University of Richmond

Undergraduate of St. Paul's College

Member of Numerous Organizations

(New Chesapeake for Progress Education Foundation, New Chesapeake Men for Progress, NAACP, Fraternal Order of Police, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated,  National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice, Chesapeake Democratic Committee)

Founder of Ground Zero Development 

(non-profit male mentoring program)

Chesapeake Sports Club

Hampton Roads Democratic Business Alliance


Voice for the People

Voice for the People

Voice for the People

He will represent you at the table of City Council.

He values the citizens concerns and will be their voice.

He will help make the tough decisions to carry us forward.

His focus is to be a difference maker.

He will listen to and support best practices.

He will seek out our weaknesses and build on our strengths.

He will keep open a line of communication with the public through outreach.

His job is to represent the citizens of Chesapeake, win their trust, and to do such an awesome job that he is re-elected.